Friday, September 17, 2010

Marketing by Sharing

Oh no, thats not just another TED Talk. It is not, really! If you want to see some interesting TED Talks about marketing and social media I would suggest you to have a look right here and here. They won't dissappoint you. I promise!

But lets get back to the main topic. I guess a lot of you know 37signals. They are the creators of "Basecamp" (and more) and writers of "ReWork" and "Getting Real", some awesome books on building web based services.

Jason Fried (Co-Founder and President of 37Signals, the guy in the video) talks about a possible way to promote and marketing your products and services: marketing by sharing.

That means nothing else than to help people, to teach people (e.g. cooking), so they will remember your name and you brand. They will more likely to buy some of your products because they got stuck to you, they identify themselves with you, because they remember you. Don't you remember people easier when they were able to help you?

Social media comes along with this approach. I think it is one of the key features for a succesfull social media performance. You do not sell things through social media. You do not aggressively advertise your products in order to get something sold.
You bring people to create a need to purchase (your product). And the best way to do so (even in social media) is to teach and help.

But enough of my thoughts, let Jason Fried do the rest:

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