Who We Are

The authors of this blog (by first name in alphabetic order) are:

Alex Scholz
Executive Assistant, Berlin

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Raised in Munich and Moscow, I have been living in Berlin since 2007. This is the simple and short version!

In 1999 my parents moved to Moscow, without asking me. If you ask me now, this was an awesome decision! Six years later I started to work with Phlatline Russia. This is also where I had my first contact with successful and creative usage of Social Media, especially for big events.

After finishing school in 2007 I had three absolutely inspiring years studying Music-Management and Production in Berlin. At the same time I wanted to try out something new, something different and started to work at Prozentor GmbH as an Executive Assistant .
Social Networks (this blog, your blog, Twitter, Facebook, also Youtube etc) are places for honest and interactive communication beyond privat chitchat into business-usage. It is the best possibility I ever had, we ever had, to get to know what people think. I guess you'll agree if I say fans and consumers are the essentials of economics, companies and trends.

To cut a long story short: listen...and communicate!

Benjamin Kampmann
Software Developer, Berlin

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Born in 1986 in Bielefeld, Germany I am a kid of the Computer Age. My Parents both being in the IT Industry I learnt the usage and programming of computers early on. After school I rendered Civilian Service in a school for mentally challenged kids just before I moved to Barcelona, Spain, to join a Open Source Media Center Project as software programmer. After almost two years I came back to my home country and moved to our capital Berlin to join the Prozentor GmbH - still as a software developer and work there since.

I have a really strong opinion when it comes to social media and marketing. I am absolutely certain that the time of lying and betrayal by "communication departments" of big companies is over and a new age of honest communication and fan cult has begun. The clear winners will be the passionate small- and mid-size-companies who communicate equally with their customers and I want to help them. Let's fight the bad...ehm.. big guys!