Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Demand and Supply

One of the big hyped surprises last week was, without a question, Twifficiency. We told you who was behind this viral tool. The whole Twittersphere was busy linking this tool to their Twitter accounts in order to let it calculate their "Twifficiency".

We all know the result: a tweet from your personal account was sent with a number in per cent related to something calculated somehow and comparing something with something (by the way I've never seen a number higher then 60). Only after comparing your Twifficiency with others you could see how good or bad you actually were. Tip: dont take this comparison to seriously, it explained nothing ;)

What was much more interesting were two facts coming along with the phenomena "Twifficiency".

People underestimate the viral possibilities caused by Social Media.
Did you see how many accounts did use "Twifficiency" all around the world? It was not because it was so useful. It worked out, because people believe people they follow (some kind of good working "word-to-mouth" effect).

The high demand for tools analyzing and measuring the efficiency of social media activities gets bigger and bigger as further companies/people move and improve their abilities and possibilities in the social media sphere. Without such a high demand it would have been very hard for such a small tool to have this big boom-success in such a short period of time.

I don't say, that both of these points were deliberatly intended by James Cunningham, but still they show how well social networks can work for you, your product/brand and your idea.

Remember that!

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