Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to not be a Bad Email Marketeer

I am not very fond of email marketing myself. The reason for that is one every one knows: It is often misused for spam. The guys from MailChimp, one of the best email marketing tools out there, know about this, too. But they also know: spam is not always intended. Often it just happens because people just don't know about "the email marketing etiquette". The people from MailChimp have understood that they need to provide more than just a tool if they want their users to be successful in this area. Therefor they created a really creative video campaign, explaining this problem in the style of a 30ties b/w education video.

Though this blog doesn't have email marketing on its list of main topics, some of our readers might play with the thought of using it. So I decided to publish it on the video on this blog. For that reason and because there are a lot of parallels to social media: quite a lot of people, often companies, are willing to try this new technique but don't know about the etiquette and right behaviour. Though having the best intentions in mind they break unspoken rules, drive off users and might even damage their brand or company. And that is one problem we try to solve with this blog.

But now, without any further introduction, said video:

Found on swissmiss.

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