Friday, December 10, 2010

Undoing Years of Efforts

Some days ago I read a tweet by Jeremiah Owyang (jowyang) - in my opinion one of the most interesting people to follow on Twitter when it comes to social media. It said:

Tweet by jowyang on 24th Nov 2010: 'Marketers, so lured to get more followers/fans, promote FB from their corporate homepage -- undoing years of efforts to drive traffic home'

Oh my gosh, he is so damn right!

Well, I love the fact that social media seems to enter companies in different areas. We spoke to a lot of companies who use social media actively. Especially small companies often have good ideas when it comes to the question how to engage and involve customers through social media.

At the same time I fully support Jow Yang's statement: marketers should not just settle on one horse but combine their existent web presents with new ways online like Facebook and Twitter.

There is one aspect that a lot of people still do not understand: social media is not a channel for promoting and selling products and services and therefore it is not an option to focus on just Facebook if you have an existing web presents. Social Media is another way of communication, engagement and last but not least listening to customers needs and wishes: what do they say about your corporate homepage? What do they think about your products and services? How can you improve them?

Long story short:

The corporate homepage is the place to present service and product.

Social Media is the place to get to know people using your service and product.

Use both to drive traffic "home". Go!

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