Friday, November 26, 2010

Flip and think!

Recently I found an interview hosted by Mark Suster (@msuster) with the rapper and entrepreneur Chamillionaire. Firstly I was a little bit cautious about it because I knew Mark Suster from the side of an entrepreneur and active social media user. Chamillionaire was known to me as a musician and tech addicted. I thought it was a strange mixture but this interview really got me thinking about a lot of things regarding business and especially Social Media.

One point that got my attention was Chamillionaire stressing the importance of feedback in this world of business. No matter what you do and how many marketers you put behind the product and how much money you spend on commercials - in the end the customer has to like the product. The best way to find out what he likes/dislikes is to get feedback and engage him, which works ultimately good using Social Media. Although there is a small "but": "Not everything is going to work for everybody. You kind of have to try a lot of things to get to know what really fits to you and your needs/customers.(...) Don't try to use everything at the same time. It won't work!"

Chamillionaire, true words!

Now, I won't bother you any more, and I urge you to watch this interview!

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