Monday, July 12, 2010

What we've been working on

It is time to unveil what we have been working on the last couple of weeks. As I already said earlier we wanted to bring more value to you as the reader of our blog. Therefore we decided to start two new series: "The Insider" and "Should I care about...". We want to have one new article at least one a month for each series. They will be tagged with theInsider and ShouldIcareAbout to make it easier for you to find new and old articles. Don't forget to bookmark the links!

But first, let me explain you what they are about:

The Insider
So far we were only able to talk about social media from a third-party-type of perspective: looking at tools, trends and techniques and analyzing them. This new series is going to give you an inside look of companies dealing with social media. We are talking to companies doing/using social media, talk about the "how, what, when and mostly the way". What we learnt from them will be used to write a small social media profile about the company, with tips, ideas and tricks from the real inside(r).

We'll start this series with the article about published later this month.

Should I care about...
As the title of this series already says we want to answer the question as you - as a business owner of every kind - should care of some new trend, tool, technique you've heard about. We just want to give you ammo so that some of these web2.0-marketing-geeks come along and say "oh.. and we have to do [newest_trend] and also we are going to do [other_useless_buzzword]" you know what this means, what it is (what kinds of them are available) and does it make any sense that you and your business adopt that.

We call our mission accomplished when you are able to answer him "but wait, you mean [this_platform] and [this_tool], right? But this aims for [other_kind_of_business] mostly. This is not what we do. I can't see anyway it is good for this business, it is just wasted money."

We'll start this series with an article about microblogging this month.

As usual we are always happy about comments, questions and critics. In this case we are specially interested in your opinion; we are already working on the first articles and if you have an important topic or company you would like to hear more about, let us know!

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