Thursday, May 27, 2010

If companies were real people

most of them would be in therapy by now. I mean seriously, they only care about themselves and act only to get their drugs (theirs is called "profit"): they are ignorant, betray, use people and lie straight in their faces. Unless they need you for their goals they won't even acknowledge your existence. But if they do they only care as much as they need to for their goal: as soon as they reached it they let you fall like a hot potato.

And if they screw up on their way - and they all do - they try to hide it, lie about it and send the "legal department". The only thing they don't do is admitting their mistakes and apologizing sincerely. They don't really care, they don't want to do real changes. They only say something because everyone is looking at them at that moment. But behind the curtains they are already planning on how they can get passed it and make more of their drug.

But thinking of it they probably won't be in therapy. Because they are not  willing to change but mostly because you need friends helping you in and through therapy. Real, honest friends. But these jerks don't have such, their only friends are other jerks (big companies) thinking and acting the same way. That way they are stuck in their little world of jerks, congratulating each other on their nice numbers.

But this doesn't work in the internet and within social media. Over there you have to talk honestly with each other. You have to trust your friends and they need to be able to trust you. And if you screw up you better admit it right a way and ensure it doesn't happen again. Honestly. Sincerely. And this is why big companies struggle with this new media and where small companies can totally play their strengths. They can't afford to build up big building of lies anyway. If big companies want to have this kind of success they have to change and not only on the surface but from the bottom of their hearts. Such a change is big and takes time but it is for the better of all.

Maybe social media is this therapy after all.

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